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Celebrating 30 Years
1992 - 2022

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Sussex Harmony Quire



In combating Covid 19 many of our events over the past two years have been effected but with the aid of zoom we have not stopped singing.  And now we have a full diary of concerts and events for the rest of the year as well as our weekly Thursday evening meetings. 

Please see the Diary page for the latest status on each. 

The Lockdown Farmer’s Toast

A Hymn from Psalm 150

C1 Newtons or St Pauls

Rachel  Hailsham_22-05-2016 (C. Robin Nicholson)This year Rachel Jordan, musical director of Sussex Harmony,  celebrates 30 years as leader of Sussex Harmony.  We all wish her the best for the future

Here she is leading a workshop in Hailsham for both voices and instruments

A tribute to Rachel on this anniversary:

Author: Paula Arthur

Look at our Diary for our many planned events for 2022-3, look at West Gallery Music to find out about what we sing and play. Book us for your events. Come and listen to us, and perhaps join us!

Listen to the Te Deum that Sussex Harmony sang in the Catsfield church for a  Matins Service on the 30th June.
You can find other Sussex Harmony recordings at:  Recordings

Recent articles published by Quire members;
Articles by Paula Arthur and Annie Harris recently published in the West Gallery Music Association (WGMA) magazine

MacDermott (Author: Paula Nicholson)         WGMA Article - autor Annie Harris   

Harveys' Brewery  (C. Robin Nicholson)


Sussex Harmony on a ‘Church Crawl’ in Lewes that ended with singing in ‘Lewes Cathedral’ aka  Harveys’ Brewery!  Harveys sponsor many of our events

Sussex Harmony at Waldron - (c) Valerie Chidson

Sussex Harmony in Concert at Waldron’s village festival - September 2013



Sussex Harmony would be delighted to accept suitable sponsorship of their activities.  Should you be interested please get in touch with the Secretary via the contact us page

Why West Gallery?  Singers and musicians invariably sat in a gallery at the west end of the church.  Maybe it was not a co-incidence that this was the furthest place from the altar, the vicar and the local dignitaries.  When the congregation joined in to sing, they had to turn to face the music being performed in the west gallery.  That is where the expression comes from.

Sussex Harmony in association with the West Gallery Music Association.

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St Michaels, South Malling (C) Roughwood

The home of Sussex Harmony.  St Michael’s church in South Malling, Lewes.

Harvey's Brewery  (c) Robin Nicholson
Sussex Brewers - Founded 1790