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Celebrating 30 Years
1992 - 2023

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Instrumental music

Sussex Harmony gives amateur players an opportunity to practise their skills in a friendly atmosphere while learning new pieces and playing with other instrumentalists.

Within the quire we have members who play the fiddle, clarinet, flute, oboe, bassoon and recorder. We also meet up with other quires whose members play cellos and the amazing serpent.


Matthew and "George".  Sketch by Clifford Bayly

We welcome players of most instruments. As the music is relatively straightforward it is ideal for those who may not be up to orchestral standard but want to play with a group of very enthusiastic amateurs, Should you join us you would get support from Rachel, our Music Director, who is an experienced woodwind teacher . Some accuracy is preferred but enthusiasm is almost more important.


Even musicians are not serious all the time!

Sussex Harmony in association with the West Gallery Music Association.

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St Michaels, South Malling (C) Roughwood

The home of Sussex Harmony.  St Michael’s church in South Malling, Lewes.

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