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Celebrating 30 Years
1992 - 2023

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Sussex Harmony, based in Lewes, was founded in 1992. We research our repertoire from both manuscript and printed sources - particularly the MacDermott collection held at Barbican House, Lewes. We are the current ‘custodians of the ‘West Gallery’ repertoire’ in Sussex and welcome requests to share our research into this rich and wonderful repertoire with musicians and singers throughout the county.

We are leading a workshop of West Gallery Music. This is robust music from before the age of the church organ. The more the merrier as this music needs to be sung and played with as much enthusiasm as accuracy. You will learn the hymns, psalms, canticles and an anthem that were sung in rural Sussex churches in the 18th and 19th centuries.

We shall be singing these in the service of Evening Prayer at 4.30p.m.

They are fun to sing and play and relatively easy to learn.

Come and Celebrate – Sing and Play!!   All welcome

Singers AND Musicians are needed for the Quire and Gallery Band!

2.00 – 4.00p.m. WORKSHOP followed by a

Book of Common Prayer Evening Service starting at 4.30p.m.

Everyone is welcome to join us for the Service

Come to sing or play (single line melody instrument - flute, recorder, oboe, clarinet, violin, cello, trombone or serpent).

You are very welcome to come and listen to the workshop.

There will be a break for light refreshments.

Music will be supplied. Please contact Rachel (details below) to register for a music booklet to be printed for you.

(Bflat and other transpositions can be arranged)

Contact : Rachel Jordan: 01273 476837;

email :



Sussex Harmony in association with the West Gallery Music Association.

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The home of Sussex Harmony.  St Michael’s church in South Malling, Lewes.

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